Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Here we go AGAIN!
Sunday morning... Ben and I were filling in, team-teaching children's church. Ben was opening the main service while I sang songs with and opened children's church. I arrived 15 minutes or so early to be there as the kids piled in, but on my way I was stopped to see Ethan in the bathroom crying. The little stinker did it again! He was playing on the stairs and did a Superman jump to the bottom ending in a movie-like roll...awesome...except someone was coming through the door (imagine that!) and his hand caught the steel fire door. Gross is all I have to say. In the next few minutes we had to re-arrange our whole morning. Church people are so wonderful, jumping in to fill the void! Off to the ER we went. I thought that he had only gashed the top of his hand, but when we were in the waiting room, Ethan discovered that between his fingers was the real, real ouchy. Riped open and tummy turning. The doctor decided to give him a little codeine when he saw that one. After X-rays, a double orangepopsicle, ibuprofen, and codeine the dr. went to work...ewww! Ethan was soo brave! 3 stitches on top and 4 between!

10 days with stitches, a round of anti-biotics, and a whole lot of gauze!