Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Injury Week at the Smith Home
-never a dull moment-
We got a big 10' wide pool to play in this summer and boy, have we played. This ouchy happened this last Thursday morning. Ethan was playing with Luke, Kate, and daddy and ended up OUTSIDE of the pool. He had his goggles on and the impact of his fall ended up cutting his eye. Yikes! He was such a brave boy as Ben took him to the ER where they did X-Rays and vision tests and sealed him up with this tape stuff. The next day, we took him to a plastic surgeon who took off the tape and glued him together (that way we could still keep our weekend beach trip - pics to come - yippee!) The top picture was right before he went to the ER.

This was later that day with the tape in place.

This was Sunday morning - all glued together, swelling down, black eye blooming!
3 trips to the ER so far and he is only 5!!