Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ethan gets a big boy BIKE!!
Before Ethan could get his bike, he had to memorize Psalm 100.
Here we go!!!

Ok, so he's a little excited about the bike.
As you can see, he even EATS in anticipation!

These may seem trifle, but they are MAJOR injuries to Ethan!
This first little "nick" on his thumb looks little, but it bled like he cut off his finger!! When Ethan saw the blood pouring from his hand, he was sure he was done for!

It was a rainy day and Ethan just could not keep off that bike, so he rode circles around the ping-pong table. Apparently, he ran right into it. Neither Ben nor I saw it, but from Ethan's reenactment, we figured that's what happened. Ben and I had to conceal our chuckles as we brushed off the bunches of eye lashes from Ethan's cheek and shirt.

The first of many scratches! A basic wipe-out!

Ethan has surprised us! He keeps at it despite the wounds he has incurred! It will be a fun summer once he figures out that HE is the one driving!! Practice, practice, and patience as it took about 35 minutes to make it around the block today!!
We may have to pick up some pads...and a face mask! Hee Hee!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Luke's SUPER Birthday!!
3 YEARS OLD!! The Cake:
Luke requested SUPERMAN for his cake this year. I was ready with a simple design that I could COPY exactly from a picture (like always - I have NO artistic ability!), but Ben insisted that it be "the man". SO, as you see here BEN did the artistic outline of "the man" while...

Yours truly filled it in - easy cake!! Hee Hee!!
... with a little pesky help from KATE - of course!!!

Now for the PARTY!!
A little photo shoot with the happy 3 year old!

It took 3 tries, but he got them all out!
Ethan told Luke: "Lukie, you know how you blew out my candles on my birthday? Well I'm NOT going to do that!"
Happy Boy!
Luke wanted Superman's head of course!!

Ever run out of tape on a birthday??? Painter's tape to the rescue!
Time for presents!
The Doodle Pro from Grandma and Grandpa Hatch
and "The Joker" (thanks mom for encouraging their obsession with bad guys!)
Bath toys!
and the Smith family PLAYMOBILE EMPIRE grows!!

Putting the castle together

After opening a few birthday cards with a gift card for more goodies from Grandpa and Grandma Smith and some cash from the great grandparents, we played for a short while, took a quick scrub in the tub, and headed for bed. A full, fun, and LONG day!!
Happy Birthday my little LUKE!!

This is Luke this morning at 5:30 AM diving right back in where he left off!
Another LONG day ahead!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I think someone little got a hold of the camera!
cock-eyed hallway

an up close of a pillow...
and I'll spare you the other 18 or so random shots.

The photographer caught a glimpse of himself:

LUKE, there's no mistaking those chubby toes!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Frog and it's Captor

Date of capture: Sunday afternoon

Completion of slow and painful death: Tuesday afternoon