Thursday, January 29, 2009

I took my sweet little peanut to the dr.'s today for her 15 month
(she is actually 16 months. I waited to take her with Ethan for his 4 year)
and found out she is no longer a little peanut, but rather a baby monster!
Run for your lives...she may eat you!!
A little growth history:
6mo - 50% height
5% weight
9mo - 10% height
0% weight
12mo - 10% height
5% weight
15mo - 70% height
60% weight
Yikes! There's no stopping her now!
She's a monster!!!!
The above picture is Kate sporting her 18 month clothes (which fit her rather nicely). The boys are ALWAYS wearing a size behind, so when she moved into a size ahead, I knew she was growin' growin'!


Don & Katrina Hines said...

Yeah for baby Kate! That outfit is so cute.

Question: If you were to have another girl, do you have another name picked out? Just curious. I'm not announcing ANYTHING, but Don asked me last night. Since I've been so confident with Katelyn's name since middle school . . . hmm.