Sunday, December 02, 2007


Andy and Davina brought their family to us this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. We had a great 3 full days together. The boys had a great time too, although Ethan and Luke were VERY under the weather and VERY crabby which made things a little frustrating at times. Someday we will get together and everyone will be healthy, and even better,...happy!

This is our smoked Turkey that Davina brought. I must say this was the yummiest turkey I have ever eaten...sorry mom! We went out and bought another one to stick in my freezer. It sure was pretty too!!

Our feast! I love Thanksgiving!


A little crowded??

Our family picture

This was our first official photo shoot for our Christmas card this year. Every year we have another child in the picture and it becomes increasingly more difficult to get a picture worthy to send out to the world. It usually takes a good 3-4 attempts and panic because the holiday season is going so fast. This year I am determined to get our cards out before the week of Christmas, so we asked Andy to be our first photographer. They turned out very well for our first attempt! Thank you Andy! We got a few different shots, but this was the favorite - Kate crying and Luke looking very cute, but confused. I did a little adjusting to the picture and got an even better shot!

A little "warm up"

shot #1 - pretty good

#2 - Even better! Hee-Hee!!

Family Life

These are the best things ever. They are little foam figures that keep Ethan occupied for a VERY long time. I found this holiday pack at the dollar store and he has already peeled off the backs and stuck every one of them on different pieces of construction paper. As Martha says: "It's a Good Thing!"


You know how some people see the Virgin Mary in their toast? Well Ethan sees... DaDaDaDaDaDaDaDa...Batman!

These pictures I have Andy to thank for. He ate the big turkey leg on Thanksgiving and Davina took a picture of it. The other night I grilled some chicken legs and Ethan said "mommy, take a camera." Then he went on to pose just like Andy did. Ethan said "that's what Andy do!" Again, thank you Andy!

One last and totally random picture, but I could not leave out the little princess! This looks so uncomfortable!


Andy and Davina said...

I was laughing so hard at Ethan's version of eating a turkey leg! I especially like his eyes :)We had loads of fun and wished we could see you guys more often

jeileenbaylor said...

I LOVE your family picture! You guys look so great together!