Friday, April 27, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I have discovered the coolest bubbles ever invented. "Bubble Ooodles" from Gymboree!! The Gym where I work invites "Gymboree On the Go" to come to the gym and bring all their fun stuff for the kiddies once a month. They always bring these bubbles. The little wand blows so many tiny little bubbles and they just float around and around for so long. The kids all have bubbles on their heads and you can actually catch the bubbles! Well, I was in the Gymboree store the other day looking at all the so cute outfits that I may be able to buy someday when they make it to the thrift stores, when I found these bubbles. Best purchase of the day! The boys have so much fun with them. Ben says they are "un-natural" (I think he's afraid of them hee-hee) because they are still on the floors and the furniture hours later...sometimes days later. Well, if you love bubbles like we do, then these are for you!! Oh, and they don't get the floor all wet when you blow them inside like all the others do.


jeileenbaylor said...

That is so neat! I will definitely have to keep that in mind ...for myself someday, or for a gift for a friend with kids! I love how they just stick to everything.. how fun :o)

Karis said...

Kayla loves bubbles -- she would go crazy with those. I will definitely be getting some! And like Julie said, what a great gift idea.