Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fun with the Youth Group!!

November was such a busy month with our youth group. The first 3 Wednesday nights we put on "Meals for Missions". This was a fund-raising event to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for 2 of our missionary families. The teens showed up, set up, served the meal, and cleaned up, and I made the food - chili for 60 people! Jamey was such a huge help!! She helped me shop and brown 25 lbs of beef!! Thank you Jamey!! At the end of the first night, we found out it was actually chili for 120 people because we had 6 big crock pots of chili left over! Better too much than not enough is my motto - so I went a little overboard on this one - hee-hee! We had "chili-mac" and taco salad for dinner #2 and used the left over - SHHHHH! The teens, or should I say the teen's moms made wonderful soup for the last meal! We made over $700 for our missionaries!!! The next Sunday, Ben took all the teens to Toy's R Us and let them loose to buy presents for the children. We actually were only able to buy presents for one of the families because of the over-seas red tape - so we sent the other family $$$ for amusement park tickets. This was a fun project, but I have to say I am releaved it is all over now.

Our other big activity for the month was the "Turkey Cam". This was so fun!! The teens had to go around town and take pictures of themselves doing rather... interesting things. The pictures tell the story. What a great night!!


Katrina said...

One of my favorite memories as a teen is doing a sound scavenger hunt, which is like the "Turkey Cam" that you guys did. You'll have to save the ideas of things they needed to get pics of. Most likely Don and I will need some good ideas for things like this in the future! What a busy month! Praise the Lord for the amount of money raised! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

You're quite the cook! Good thinking on getting rid of all that chili! Sounds like a success!

Dan & Karis Seely said...

Glad to hear the Meals for Missions went so well. I remember the early planning of this that we heard about when we were there for the missions conference. You are amazing to have organized all that and made all that food. I know those families will be thrilled to have benefited from your sacrifice of time and resources.

I enjoyed seeing the pictures from the scavenger hunt. I remember the faces of several of your teens. Looks like everyone had a great time.