Thursday, November 01, 2012

July- filling in the moments!

We kicked off JULY with a week of camping at 
Kettle Creek State Park in PA
One of our favorite camping experiences yet!  FISHING is the activity that characterized this trip.  We were surrounded by great little spots to cast a worm, and better yet, actually catch a fish!  Big and little, we caught it!

The hard work of setting up camp is done - time to kick back!

Let the finshing begin!  The boys became quite the experts on untangling a line... even for their sister!

Noel just loved getting dirty!

Kate's "big" fish!

We went into "town" to grab some pizza at Big Louie's one afternoon!  We definitely stuck out as city folk as Ben and I were trying to get some sort of phone connection to check in on the world (failed attempts).  I think everyone is this town must have relied on some sort of phone card deal because there was notta connection to be found!

morning... noon... night!

This was Noel's nap time every day!
There was a parking lot right off our little spot.  It was so wonderful because we were the only people around most of the time, so she could sleep while the kids fished with daddy, and mommy sat in the sun!

Back at the campsite!

It was so nice to have a relativly empy campground!  Noel could roam free... in her diaper!  

We would walk down to the bottom of the campground each day and enjoy the little swing set, sand box, and horseshoes!

More fishing... but a new spot!
My favorite!!
(the "crick", as the locals called it)

So still!

AND a rope swing!!  How country is that??!  
All I needed was some Country Time Lemonaid!

We also found a hike!  It was a 3 mile walk up the the top to look out right over our main fishing spot.  The boys trudged UP the whole way, while mommy took the girls up about a mile and then went back, got the van, and drove up to meet the MEN!

That's our spot!

This is a picture FROM our spot.  The little break in the trees is where we were standing in the above picture.

We celebrated the 4th with sparklers - 
which gave Luke a little souvenir!  

More time at the "Crick"!
This time for a little swimmin'

Noel LOVED this!!

On our way out of town, we drove up to Hyner View State Park, where we saw a few hang gliders in action!
A great ending to a fun week!

A week-long, wonderful experience... 
one we may have to do again!


Unknown said...

LOVE the pics from your camping trip...what a great place! The pics of Noel's diaper made me laugh :)