Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of our most recent captives
(my personal favorite all summer)

This little guy was quite friendly and loved to hop, hop, hop all over the kids! They loved every minute of it. It even jumped out of Ethan's hand and onto Kate's head! She thought it was great! Of course this is the same girl who enjoys pulling dead bugs apart!

This was one of the only successful escapees of the entire summer. He got away and hopped far, far away. He was never found...tear...lucky little frog!

Note to all who wonder if my children ever wear clothes: it's a rare occasion to find all three of my children completly clothed at the same time. Someone seems to always be missing something! This happened to be right after breakfast where all three are sporting the "morning" look. Shoulder shrug...roll with it, I say!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's BIRTHDAY time again!
Kate turns 2

Warm birthday greeting from daddy in the morning!
She loved waking up to all the decorations!

Modeling her candy jewelry


The dinner preps!

The Pretty cake

Everyone is ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!

Birthday classic - PIZZA!

...and POP (Kate's newest favorite thing)

Some serious blowing

Ethan insisted that we get the "blow things"

and boy, did they ALL have a good time with them!

Ethan could not keep out of the frosting!

Open, Open, Open!!

Little People bus... (I found this at a thrift store, brand new and in the box one day. It was half price day, so I got it for 3 bucks!) It's been waiting in the closet for Kate's birthday.

Presents from Granny and Gramps Smith...

Little People scooter...

on to G&G Hatch...

markers - Luke likes them...

Her first My Little Pony!!!

Princess dishes... which got a cute little squeal out of Kate

You can never go Christmas or birthday without undies from Grandma!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Boy will be Boys"
"We were just throwing balls!"
Our basement is filled with balls - all soft and "indoor approved"

"What ball did you throw?"

Ethan slowly reaches down and picks up a yellow "soft" ball.

Deep breath for mommy - call daddy - order new window (of course we pulled the classic parental punishment of seizing all the coins from their banks to "pay" for it - HA!!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

RIP camera!
It was right before our family vacation a few weeks ago that our camera bit the dust. The "LENS ERROR" report came up on the screen (we've seen that message before - on our last 2 cameras). It's been a painful month of 0 pictures, but we finally decided on a new camera (with a lens cap instead of retractable) and it should be here any day! The other day, I decided to download any last pictures from the broken camera and these were the FINAL pictures that were taken with the camera before it broke. Now we know how it happened!

"I think I'll take a picture of my hand"

"Wonder what would happen if I stuck my little fingers in this little opening and take a picture?"


This was the FINAL picture taken...wonder why???

This is how the camera takes pictures now...
and a glimpse at how I feel about the whole issue!