Friday, February 09, 2007

Bad Mother Award

Ok, so it's taken me a few weeks to gather the courage to tell this horrible story. Looking back, it is kind of funny now... but not really. This picture gives you a clue to what my precious little Luke did. The boys and I were busy getting ready to go to the gym. Luke was in his pack n' play and I had just put Ethan on the potty - he was having some trouble :) Well, Luke was fussing so I took him out and set him up with some toys to chew on while I finished packing the bag to go. Well, I am ready to get Luke strapped into his seat, so off I go to find him... no longer chewing on toys safely in his bedroom, but chewing on POOP in the bathroom where Ethan is just watching him!!! The bad mother award comes when I removed Ethan's diaper (that had a few little turds in it) and did not toss it, but rather folded it over and set it ON THE FLOOR!!! Did I forget that Luke is crawling like lightning these days and that he eats anything his chubby little fingers can find??? HORROR!! He just looked at me and spit a whole mouth full out - just like his garden vegetables!! I about gagged him trying to clean it all out with mounds of wet wipes. I could not get the smell off of him or OUT of him. I was sick all day - needless to say we did not make it to the gym that day. I personally have never heard of kids eating poop. Dog food, playdough, yes, but POOP -NO!! Now Ethan says "don't eat poop!"

Saturday, February 03, 2007

This is Sophia, Ethan's girlfriend at the gym. They play so great together!!